Working Together

What Interests Us About You

What we’re really interested in is, through your business, what you’re trying to achieve, who you are, and whom you’re trying to help and how.

Share with us the moment you knew you had a great idea, the passion and enthusiasm that inspired you, the successes you’ve had, and the dreams you still have for the future.

We’re interested to know about the challenges you’re facing in getting there. The day-to-day tedium of feeling like you’re getting nowhere because every day you’re doing the same admin tasks. Where does all that time go?

We want to work with you closely as a partner, and together find ways to help you run a thriving, sustainable business. We hope that you share our passion for sustainable businesses creating a better and fairer future.

You bring your knowledge and we’ll help you to find more time.

We believe that automation has the power to transform businesses through efficiency gains, better awareness, and critically with employee satisfaction, as repetitive tasks are replaced with more time to spend on valuable activities.

We’ve thought long and hard about how to make automation an option for smaller businesses, as we see a strong a trade-off between software functionality and cost, and our experience has taught us that functionality is critical to having enough flexibility for creating solutions. Add to that the learning curve of both the technical skills and gaining the experience of what works and what doesn’t, plus the personnel commitment to do this internally, and automation could quickly become an unattractive option.

By using us, you get our experience and knowledge of developing solutions and working with a software platform (and the company behind it) that we are confident can provide the right level of functionality for you, delivering noticeable, positive changes.

How We Work

Our goal is to work closely with you. This definitely isn’t a subscribe and never hear from us again type of service. This is hands-on.

Our aim is to support and help you to reach and exceed your goals of future successes as defined by happy staff and customers and a sustainable, resilient company that will contribute positively for years to come.

We won’t try to sell you things you don’t want or need, or promise to do things that are impossible and let you down. We will work with you to get as much value as possible from your subscription to the level that makes sense to you.

We view working together as a long-term commitment to you. 

How To Make The Most Out Of Your BPA Investment


Let’s be chatty.  We want to talk with you regularly, hear what works, what doesn’t, and about any ideas or questions you or your team may have. This is not an extra cost.


Embrace Change

Adjusting the way of working can cause concerns from the team about job security and being replaced by software. Consider starting with responding to tasks that frustrate them, building up their confidence that this is nothing to fear.

Understanding and supporting people through this process is vital, as is the need for this type of change to be supported and encouraged at all levels of the company.

Be Creative

Don’t restrict your ideas, however innovative they may be. While there is no guarantee that every idea could be achieved easily or fully, most should be possible to a high degree. We’ll give you an honest assessment before any work, or cost, starts.

Sometimes the most effective solutions can be extremely simple.

Prioritise & Balance

When thinking of specific processes, target first those causing the most problems to business stability and employee productivity.  

Think next about ways to improve the efficiency or awareness of how things run.

Lastly, focus on the dream list to help take your business to the next level.